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Uses and success stories

Here you can see how we have helped some of the best companies in the world to improve the efficiency of their commercial spaces, transit or operations within their facilities, applying KSI.

Used by leading companies:

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Retail - Chain stores

Discover how some of the best brands in the world create their store models using KSI, manage waiting queues, reduce losses due to abandonment, design their windows and display of their products, measure the traffic that passes through their door, how many customers they attract and how much convert.

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Retail - Shopping Centers

See how leading companies measure traffic within their Shopping Centers to increase sales. How they know the customer journey to improve services and increase visits and return visitors, and how they solve operational problems in real time.

Transportation - Airports and stations 

Understand how airport managers optimize the passenger experience to the maximum, reducing their waiting times and increasing their available time to use airport services and improve the benefits of commercial areas.