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Industrial security using video analytics in security cameras

A leading industrial plant in automation reinforces safety in its facilities by integrating KSI digital twins and moving towards an accident-free work environment. 

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How did the process begin?

The plant implemented KSI to perform real-time digital mapping of human activity within automation areas. This solution would allow safer management of interactions between people and machinery, a critical aspect in a highly automated environment. 

"In a plant where the coexistence between automated machinery and personnel is constant, recognizing and minimizing accident risks becomes an absolute priority. We needed a solution capable of integrating with our infrastructure and acting proactively in the face of human presence." 

J.C. Plant Engineering Manager

What was done?

Actions that were carried out:

  1. Installation of a KSI monitoring system for real-time detection of personnel in risk areas. 

  2. Communication of KSI detections with the plant's industrial control systems. 

  3. Configuration of security protocols where the machinery modified its operation as soon as nearby human presence was detected. 

"With the installation of KSI, we turned our plant into an intelligent system that reacts instantly to the presence of people. Zone monitoring and integration with our industrial control systems gave us the power to 'teach' our machines to coexist with workers without risk.

J.C. Plant Engineering Manager

What results were obtained?

The innovations introduced thanks to KSI digital twins have transformed the plant into a safer and more efficient work environment. Machines are now allies in the protection of employees, acting preventively and ensuring operational continuity without exposing personnel to unnecessary risks. This advancement not only enhanced safety but also brought a solid return on investment by reducing costs associated with workplace accidents and production downtime. 

"The KSI system not only increased the safety of our plant, but generated a new culture of accident prevention. The machinery now 'knows' when to slow down, stop or change route, significantly reducing the possibility of incidents.

J.C. Plant Engineering Manager

Summary and ROI

Reduction of risk situations

A drastic reduction in risk situations was achieved by braking the machinery in the presence of people

Minimum investment

The entire existing camera infrastructure was reused without the need to place new ones

Integration with control systems

The person detection data became available for use on any machine in the plant through industrial communication protocols.

Packs used:


Standard Pack:
Capture and conversion

People counting and capacity

Outside traffic

Sales conversion


Dwell time

Visits by plant and areas

Customer acquisition


Plus Pack:
Customer experience

Bounce rate

Waiting queues

Real time alerts

Quality of care

Purchase abandonment

Customer churn


Full Pack:
Customer Journey

Heat maps

Customer journey


Traffic and interest by area

Stay times

Conversion by zones

Used by leading organizations:


The voice of our clients:


Marcelo Lombardi
General Manager - Shopping Tres Cruces

"With the contribution of KSI analytics, we help merchants efficiently manage the point of sale. This allows them to have valuable information to identify opportunities for improvement in real time and thus maximize their sales."
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