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Classroom Optimization with Artificial Intelligence: Monitoring Classrooms without Installing New Infrastructure 

A network of state universities manages to maximize the occupancy and utilization of their classrooms with zero addition of physical infrastructure, all thanks to KSI's intelligent solutions. 

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How did the process begin?

The group of universities set out to manage the use of their classrooms more efficiently, without incurring the costly addition of new physical spaces. The key was to understand the pattern of classroom use throughout the day in order to assign them correctly according to academic needs.

"With a limited number of spaces and a growing student population, we faced the challenge of using existing resources as efficiently as possible. Our goal was to have a clear view of how classrooms were being used in real time."  

G.B. Centralized maintenance of the university

What was done?

Actions that were carried out:

  1. Use of current security cameras to estimate occupancy and fulfillment of room reservations through KSI analysis. 

  2. Continuous monitoring of the use of spaces, identifying patterns and schedules of high and low demand. 

  3. Redesign of class and event schedules based on the information collected, optimizing the use of each room. 

"We decided to implement KSI technology in our existing security cameras. Their video analytics system provided us with detailed data on room occupancy at different times, allowing us to make informed decisions.

G.B. Centralized maintenance of the university

What results were obtained?

The results showed a significant improvement in the use of spaces. Decisions based on concrete and updated data led to the reduction of classes canceled due to lack of space and the maximization of the use of available resources. The initial investment in the implementation of KSI was quickly offset by the operational efficiency achieved and the increase in satisfaction of the university community. 

"The data revealed several opportunities for improvement in classroom allocation, allowing us to make adjustments that result in a better experience for teachers and students. Additionally, efficiency improved without the need to expand our infrastructure.

G.B. Centralized maintenance of the university

Summary and ROI

Room reservation monitoring

Monitoring of room reservations was enabled, reducing the ratio of unused reservations

Minimum investment

The entire existing camera infrastructure was reused without the need to place new ones

Data for student projects

The data from the platform was enabled in real time to be used by students in space energy optimization projects.

Packs used:


Standard Pack:
Capture and conversion

People counting and capacity

Outside traffic

Sales conversion


Dwell time

Visits by plant and areas

Customer acquisition


Plus Pack:
Customer experience

Bounce rate

Waiting queues

Real time alerts

Quality of care

Purchase abandonment

Customer churn


Full Pack:
Customer Journey

Heat maps

Customer journey


Traffic and interest by area

Stay times

Conversion by zones

Used by leading organizations:


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Marcelo Lombardi
General Manager - Shopping Tres Cruces

"With the contribution of KSI analytics, we help merchants efficiently manage the point of sale. This allows them to have valuable information to identify opportunities for improvement in real time and thus maximize their sales."
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