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How did the country's main airport implement KSI and manage to increase sales of its commercial spaces by 13%? 

Discover how a world-leading private airport operator uses KSI to improve the passenger experience in its terminals and increase its revenue.   

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How did the process begin?

Through manual audits, the client had confirmed that if wait times in the Check-In and migration processes exceeded 15 minutes, sales fell by at least 13% and continued to fall as the wait time increased.

This was due to the stress that these frictions generate in passengers, which predisposes them not to make purchases.

"We needed to improve service so that our passengers have a frictionless experience and increase sales in commercial areas.


In the Check-In area we encountered a complex technical problem, since with the usual sensors it was not possible to measure the waiting queues because the airlines have counters and variable service, and the lines develop in a chaotic manner. At that point the company KSI appeared and was able to solve the problem" 

F.B. Head of passenger experience

What was done?

Actions that were carried out:

  1. Monitoring of all waiting lines and friction areas. 

  2. Measurement of waiting times individualized per person, and at Check-In, segmented by Airline and Flight.  

  3. Automatic notifications in case of increase in people in waiting lines. 

  4. Implementation of automated passenger experience SLA reports for the Airport and Airlines

"After implementing KSI to monitor wait times and obtain accurate information, we established SLA (Service Level Agreement) service standards for each congestion point and entered into agreements with airlines to introduce a data-driven continuous improvement program.


Something that surprised us about KSI was the ability to measure the waiting time for each passenger individually. With other providers, this measurement is carried out through indirect algorithms"

F.B. Head of passenger experience

What results were obtained?

The client managed to improve the experience of its passengers, which led to an increase in its revenue by establishing a quality standard in the service and developing a continuous improvement plan backed by data. 

The necessary investment in infrastructure for the project was minimal, because cameras were located at high altitudes, allowing 500 m2 to be covered per camera, which compared to a sensor approach reduced the number of monitoring points by 10 times.

"Finally we were able to measure the length and waiting times in the different areas, including the queues that formed naturally. This allowed us to reorganize and redesign some waiting areas differently, and establish a standard of service for the different actors , imposing benefits in case of compliance with the standard, which reduced passengers' bad friction experiences by half

F.B. Head of passenger experience

Summary and ROI

+13% in sales in commercial areas

Through the application of SLAs to ensure the passenger experience

Innovation project

Due to the complexity of the problem solved, the project was presented as a case of innovation in the company

Minimum investment

The project was implemented with cameras located at high altitudes covering 500 m2 per camera (this is not possible with traditional sensor technology)

Packs used:


Standard Pack:
Capture and conversion

People counting and capacity

Outside traffic

Sales conversion


Dwell time

Visits by plant and areas

Customer acquisition


Plus Pack:
Customer experience

Bounce rate

Waiting queues

Real time alerts

Quality of care

Purchase abandonment

Customer churn


Full Pack:
Customer Journey

Heat maps

Customer journey


Traffic and interest by area

Stay times

Conversion by zones

Used by leading organizations:


The voice of our clients:


Marcelo Lombardi
General Manager - Shopping Tres Cruces

"With the contribution of KSI analytics, we help merchants efficiently manage the point of sale. This allows them to have valuable information to identify opportunities for improvement in real time and thus maximize their sales."
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