Main Features

Plug and Play AI for your facilities

Do you have security cameras? That's all you need!
KSI transforms your infrastructure from passive to active with Artificial Intelligence

Live data analytics 

With KSI you can see all the information in the same place. KSI counts with a live-render data engine, dashboards, automatic reports and more!


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Our Office Location

Enrique Muñóz 1046, Montevideo, Uruguay
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+598 (2) 705-1806


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Our values

The main value of KSI lies in its people, passionately committed every day to provide the best possible product for you
“We aim to get the best Quality Assurance for all the product phases. That's the reason of  our clients trust”
— Rodrigo Duarte - Developer Manager —
“It is all about being passionate about our work and always fulfill the client expectations”
— Gonzalo Carozo - Product Manager —
“Pursuing innovation and constant actualization is the only way in this evolving industry”
— Rodrigo Moreira - Head of Innovation —