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Compare KSI VISION with other technologies

KSI has several differentials that will help you obtain the greatest amount of benefits for the lowest cost in time and resources.

Used by leading companies:

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How does KSI compare to traditional technologies?

Traditional technologies

No hardware investment


It is software that works on your current infrastructure


Sensors from 500-1000 USD each on the doors

Immediate installation


In less than 1 day


Physical installation on site by a technician

Max. precision and coverage


Greater than 99% with occlusion and crowds. 


Less than 80% with occlusion and crowds*. Low range (zenithal)

Context information


Dwell times, bounces, demographics


In general 3D mappings without context information

Auditable performance


Tools available for audit within the platform


Usually the supplier reserves the ability to audit

Visitor journey


Analysis of the entire visitor journey within the spaces


Limited to edge counting data limited to the entrances

* Audited with the leading brand on the market

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Compare KSI with other technologies:

The lowest costs.
The greatest benefits

KSI is software that uses existing cameras. It is compatible with 100% of the cameras on the market, including digital and analog.

Expensive sensors and specific hardware can quickly increase the costs of your project. Installing KSI requires a fraction of the time and cost; Your budget will thank you.

Don't want to struggle with installing sensors?

Try a centralized installation

With KSI VISION, people counting is done using your existing security cameras out of the box. It can be managed at each site, centrally, or in the cloud. It's easy, efficient, and headache-free.


In the traditional sensor scheme; between choice and installation; months and resources are lost.  

If you have doubts that your case is applicable, you can see theinstallation requirements, or ask us a technical question:

Real time support

The KSI support team will be available when you need it, and will monitor the entire system in real time, solving any problems in real time.


Other services are only interested in selling hardware and then disappear.


KSI VISION is a SaaS service that adapts to your needs and evolves over the long term. We are here to support you, not pressure you.

The most accurate data

With KSI VISION,you get auditable accuracy greater than 99%. You can check its reliability yourself at any time.


You will never again have to doubt the accuracy and reliability of your data.

How leading businesses in their industries are increasing their potential with KSI

Marcelo Lombardi

Marcelo Lombardi
General Manage- Shopping Tres Cruces

With the contribution of KSI analytics, we help merchants efficiently manage the point of sale. This allows them to have valuable information to identify opportunities for improvement in real time and thus maximize their sales.

Nataly Acosta Operations Manager at Kinko

Nataly Acosta
Operations Manager - Kinko

By being able to reuse our existing infrastructure, with KSI we have been able to install business intelligence analytics in all our branches with a minimal initial investment.

Florencia Bigatti - Experiencia del pasajero - Corporación América

Florence Bigatti 
Passenger experience - Corporation America

KSI allowed us to deal with the pandemic efficiently and improve the passenger experience on a large scale by leveraging the infrastructure of our airports.

What industries is it used in?
Discover the industries that take advantage of cutting-edge AI technology to maximize their efficiency

The most advanced technology is intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the technology that will allow you to obtain more results with less effort. 

If you want to know more you can look here history of counting systems, and also compare AI with Lidar or ToF type systems.

On the one hand you have the traditional: sensors that have been developed for decades. On the other hand, you have KSI VISION, which will lead your company to use the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

You will be able to do much more than count people

By installing KSI in your cameras, you can create a digital twin of your spaces, a virtual copy in real time to understand everything your clients do

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