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Improve the customer experience in your spaces

Plus pack: Transform your cameras with AI to monitor waiting queues and the quality of customer service.

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Ensure customer experience

Detect waiting times and the quality of customer service at your facilities and optimize their operation

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Detect missed sales opportunities

Discover with KSI the number of customers who abandon their purchase and measure customers who leave due to waiting times.

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Design your spaces optimally

Discover how to design your spaces to optimize the visitor experience

Measure the customer experience in real time. Benefits

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More sales: An unhappy customer does not buy. Make sure that the waiting experience at your facilities is optimal.

Efficiency: Find out if it is necessary to increase customer service capacity, or if you have excess service personnel to redistribute.

Continuous improvement: Follow up on waiting queue indicators in real time, establish a service standard (SLA) and monitor compliance

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More loyalty: Detect and minimize the events of bad customer experiences, in this way you will increase their loyalty to your products or services.

Benchmarking: Compare the waiting lines in your physical spaces and measure SLA compliance in all your facilities

Monitor sales losses in real time: Use the bounce rate, and the measurement of abandonments and defections to measure the sales opportunities that you could obtain 

Management of waiting queues. Analysis of the customer experience.

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Waiting queues in retail

Monitor the waiting time at checkouts and self-checkouts, in customer service areas, the length of the queue at the access to fitting rooms, return areas and all the waiting areas of your stores. Measure the attention staff and optimize the management of your staff.

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Automatic staff management

Measure the number of service personnel and perform automatic actions in real time. KSI will tell you if the amount of attention is insufficient or excessive, in this way you can optimize the distribution of your staff in real time.

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Waiting queues at airports

Measure the waiting time in Check In areas, Migrations, Self-management Totems, access to airport areas, and all waiting times for airport passengers. Automatically set and monitor your passenger experience quality goals.

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Suitable for all types of waiting lines

With KSI you will be able to monitor waiting queues that are not in defined areas. Automatically detect people who are in the queue and filter out people who aren't. In addition, you can manage a waiting queue using many cameras at the same time for large surfaces.

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Dropouts and desertions

It detects the people who leave the waiting queues and also those who leave the store when they perceive a long waiting time. Calculate the sales potential to be recovered and evaluate the ROI of increasing customer service capacity.

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Point-to-point people detection

Select a start point and end point within your spaces and measure how long it takes people to get from one point to another. In this way you will be able to identify the waiting times of your visitors in any site.

Design of physical spaces based on data. How to measure the user experience in physical spaces?

"Designing and operating spaces open to the public is hard and challenging work, and at the end of the day it's hard to know if you've done your job well, if there's an improvement in the experience, if you're actually waiting less in line, or if you are finding the products or services you want"

Here's a simple way to improve the customer experience of your public spaces (for stores, airports, and malls):

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Yoinstall itKSI in your locations and create the users for your company



Automate a monthly report to analyze with your management team

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Establishes a service quality standard and measures compliance



Automate standard monitoring with your managers with AI chatbots on WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams

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KSI was the winner of the ruhrSUMMIT B2B company competition among 150 evaluated in innovation

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KSI was awarded by endeavor among the top 3 startups in the country in terms of impact and scalability

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KSI is part of the nVidia inception international AI innovation startup program



KSI is part of the startups endorsed by Microsoft, leading in innovation and technology.



KSI was awarded in the international innovation companies program in technology and AI

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Shall we start?

You are one step away from understand the experience of your visitors with AI in real time Do you want to see it in action?

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