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Count people in real time

Standard pack: Transform your cameras with AI to count people and analyze your visitors in physical spaces

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Measure visitor traffic

Accurately measure the traffic of your physical spaces in real time.

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Understand consumer behavior

Discover with KSI the number of visits by premises, plants, zones. Measure capacity and outdoor traffic.

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Improve your business

Always make the best decisions for your business based on objective data.

Counting people in real time. What benefits will you get?

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Get information: Always make the best decisions for your business based on objective data. Know the real potential that your business can achieve.

Efficiency: With the exact and reliable number of visits to your spaces, you will be able to optimize personnel management, measure promotional and loyalty campaigns.

Continuous improvement: Transform your company to digital and establish data-based decision-making habits

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Greater acquisition: With real-time measurement of external traffic you can optimize your ability to attract customers and measure your marketing campaigns

Benchmarking: Compare your stores or spaces with standard indicators that will allow you to quickly detect where you can improve.

Higher conversion: Make sure that your customers are incentivized to buy once they enter your stores.

How does it work?

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Connect any video camera

You can use any type of camera you have in your physical spaces. You can install new cameras or reuse existing CCTV security cameras. 

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Create a digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual copy of everything that happens in your spaces in real time. It is created from AI video analytics, and generates valuable data to increase the efficiency of your spaces.

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Create a virtual manager

A virtual manager is an AI agent connected to your space data, who can chat with you and your staff, and coordinate operational tasks in real time.

People counting technology. Customer behavior analysis

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Visits and capacity

You will be able to know the number of visits per store, shopping areas, floors, specific areas, and measure occupancy and capacity. This information will allow you to make informed decisions based on objective data to optimize your operations and improve the customer experience.

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Monitor vehicle flow and parking occupancy in your stores to assess accessibility and convenience for your visitors. 

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Customer acquisition

Analyze how many potential customers each location is attracting and compare it to other stores in the same category. Set goals and follow up to increase visits to each store.

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Dwell time

Examine how much time visitors spend in your stores or facilities, which will allow you to understand their level of interest and commitment to the products and/or services you offer. 

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Sales conversion

Determine the ratio between tickets and visitors to understand if your sales strategies are working. You will be able to identify areas for improvement and take action to increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts and improve the overall performance of your business.

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Bounce rate

Measures the percentage of visitors who leave the store without making a purchase or meaningfully interacting with the products. A high bounce rate may indicate problems with the customer experience, product quality, or the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies. 

Staff filter and repeated visitors

Counting people without uncertainties.

Forget about having inaccurate data due to your staff or repeated visitors. With KSI's morphological recognition technology you can filter both automatically, without uniforms, labels, and in compliance with GRDP regulations.


Filter staff and repeated visitors. Comparison

People counting sensors & other technologies

No uniforms or labels


Plug & play


Involves uniform or labels

GRDP Compliant


No personal data


Requires consent

Allows you to filter repeats


Filter repeat visits


Count repeat visits

Simple and scalable


It is enabled in 1 click


Requires training

Example of use: retail traffic benchmarking
Why do some stores sell better than others?

Is it because of its location? Is it because of the exposure of your products? Is it due to the staff?


Answering these questions is difficult. With the KSI benchmarking tool you will be able to compare all the stores with efficiency KPIs to know where you can improve. Here is a very simple example of a data-driven improvement routine for your company:


Install KSI in your locations and create the users for your company


Set targets for each efficiency indicator and create a standard


Automate a monthly report to analyze with your management team


Automate standard monitoring with your managers with AI chatbots on WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams

A platform in compliance with GRDP, Plug & Play and no hardware restriction

KSI vision It is compatible with all types of hardware and recognized brands, in addition to integrating with your BI and commonly used tools.

By improving your infrastructure, Ksi offers one of the most cost-effective options in terms of cost of ownership available on the market.

The analyzes and metrics provided by KSIVision offer anonymous and fully comply with data protection regulations, like the GDPR, since they are designed with privacy in mind and do not include personal data (privacy by design).

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Compare KSI VISION with traditional people counting sensors

Do you have doubts about what technology you should implement?

Evaluate the best option for your business with the following comparisons:

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KSI was the winner of the ruhrSUMMIT B2B company competition among 150 evaluated in innovation

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KSI was awarded by endeavor among the top 3 startups in the country in terms of impact and scalability

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KSI is part of the nVidia inception international AI innovation startup program



KSI is part of the startups endorsed by Microsoft, leading in innovation and technology.



KSI was awarded in the international innovation companies program in technology and AI

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Shall we start?

You are one step away from transforming your physical spaces into  smart digital twins.


Do you want to see KSI in action?

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