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How did one of the leading brands in the world of retail recover 15% in sales that were slipping away? 

Discover how KSI contributed to the success of a renowned global fashion brand by applying artificial intelligence in its high-traffic stores, recovering significant value in sales that it was losing. 

Used by leading companies:

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How did the process begin?

Thanks to KSI analytics in a chain of more than 2.000 stores (ranging from 500 to 5.000 m2), a purchase attrition problem was detected, which in the worst cases involved a loss in sales of more than USD 1.000.000 per month.

"We implemented KSI with the basic goal of counting people, evaluating conversion rate and better understanding customer behavior in our stores, but we found a surprise." 

J.R. Company’s operations manager

What was done?

It was implemented in a first time the following changes:

  1. Redesign of the store layout 

  2. Redesign of operational functions to attack bounce and purchase abandonment problems  

  3. Real-time tools to implement corrective actions in the moment

  4. Model store design to replicate in the rest of the chain

"We could not imagine that, despite the optimization of all our processes, we had such a large loss of purchase abandonments. We decided to redesign the stores and establish a model store that we could replicate globally using these indicators as a basis."


J.R. Company’s operations manager 

What results were obtained?

"By implementing measures as simple as adjusting operations according to busy times, managing the opening or closing of service points, renewing the design of payment points in stores and activating notifications in real time, we have managed to significantly reduce losses while we improve the customer service experience." 

J.R. Company’s operations manager

By implementing these measures, the client was able to significantly reduce losses in its stores. This resulted in reduced waiting times in queues and critical points, thus improving the customer experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. 

Summary and ROI

+ 15% on sales

Which in the most serious cases represented between USD 500,000 and

USD 1,000,000 in sales monthly.

+2000 stores

More than 2000 stores from 1,000 m2 to 5,000 m2. 

ROI >> %100

The return on investment was much greater than the maintenance and installation of the system.

Packs used:


Standard Pack:
Capture and conversion

People counting and capacity

Outside traffic

Sales conversion


Dwell time

Visits by plant and areas

Customer acquisition


Plus Pack:
Customer experience

Bounce rate

Waiting queues

Real time alerts

Quality of care

Purchase abandonment

Customer churn


Full Pack:
Customer Journey

Heat maps

Customer journey


Traffic and interest by area

Stay times

Conversion by zones

Used by leading organizations:


The voice of our clients:


Marcelo Lombardi
General Manager - Shopping Tres Cruces

"With the contribution of KSI analytics, we help merchants efficiently manage the point of sale. This allows them to have valuable information to identify opportunities for improvement in real time and thus maximize their sales."
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