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Video analytics at your airports and stations on a large scale by reusing your own cameras

Transform your camera infrastructure by adding AI video analytics so you can have valuable, accurate and scalable information to make decisions and optimize your airport operations.

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Reuse your infrastructure

Reuse the security camera infrastructure you already have and get much more value from your CCTV investments. In addition, you will be able to immediately apply analytics at scale in all your terminals and airports.

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Get precision data at scale

All zones monitored by security cameras can be immediately added to KSI. The use of the latest optimized AI algorithms enables superior accuracy to be achieved by outperforming expensive sensor technologies

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Generate valuable data for your business

Generate valuable information about the use of your airports for you and your tenants. Make decisions with certainty, resolve discussions with objective data and create continuous improvement plans.

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Ensure good passenger experience

Detect waiting times at Check In, migrations, scanners, measure the quality of service at your airports and optimize their operation

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Make decisions with objective data

Discover with KSI the decisions you must make based on objective data, avoid subjective discussions, and lead a process of continuous improvement.

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Optimize your operations according to demand

Measure and predict passenger traffic in all areas of the airport, and optimize the service personnel needed at any given time.

Benefits of applying video analytics in your airports:

A platform in compliance with GRDP, Plug & Play and untethered hardware

KSI Vision It is compatible with all types of hardware and recognized brands, in addition to integrating with your BI and commonly used tools.

By improving your infrastructure, KSI offersone of the most cost-effective options available in the market.

The analytics and metrics provided by KSI Vision offer anonymous andfully comply with data protection regulations, like the GDPR, since they are designed with privacy in mind and do not include personal data (privacy by design).

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Use cases of video analytics in Airports:

Monitoring of the quality of service of airlines in Check In queues

Good passenger experiences are directly related to Airport sales. Measure and optimize waiting times at any point (migrations, check-in, etc.) to ensure an optimal experience. Runs automatic operational actions when wait times exceed tolerable values. Monitor in real time the customer's waiting time, the length of the lines and the time it takes each passenger to be served. 

The optimization of waiting times leads to a 13% increase in purchases made by passengers

Below you will see how to useKSI to ensure a good experience for your passengers while waiting for Check In:


Install KSI and add Check In areas in a digital twin of the airport


Connect KSI with flight schedule data from counters via API


Schedule a monthly report for your management team on the quality of service at Check In by flights and by airlines


Create a Check In SLA (service quality standard) for airlines to meet at your airports

Measure passenger travel and traffic at your airports

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Measure the tráfico in all areas of the airport

Increase the efficiency of your airport areas by measuring the real potential and the flow of your entrances, corridors and key spaces

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Measure passenger travel 

Identify the typical routes that your visitors take at your airports and understand their experience

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Optimally distribute your products or services

Discover which are the hot zones and cold zones of your spaces and distribute your staff accordingly

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Detect the commercial value of your spaces

Monitor the traffic and interest that your aisles have and value your locations. Solve discussions with your tenants having objective data on the commercial potential of each space

Your virtual manager. Programming of operations in your terminals that execute alone and in real time



Install KSI at your airports and create users for your company

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Use the virtual manager tool to schedule task flows based on the events that happen at your airports

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Examples of use:

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Monitoring and optimization of cleaning routines

Optimize airport cleaning routines by up to 15%, generating actions based on the use of spaces. Monitor the execution and realization  of the routines

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Management of vehicles and taxis in car parks

Optimizes the demand for Taxis based on the current passenger demand, and performs occupancy monitoring in outdoor parking lots

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Scheduled task and routine manager

Manages and records the performance of routine and/or punctually scheduled airport operations. Openings, closings, checks and response to specific events

Shall we start?

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You are one step away from transform your airports into smart digital twins.


Do you want to see KSI in action?

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