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Application of video analytics for industrial applications

Use digital twins to solve problems with Artificial Intelligence

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Don't worry about new infrastructure

KSI does not use proprietary sensors or protocols. Instead, it reuses the security camera infrastructure that industries typically have

Integration to production processes

KSI can communicate via industrial OPC UA protocol to take data and execute actions in production processes

Support of three-dimensional mapping technologies

In addition to camera support, KSI has the ability to capture industrial 3D mapping sensors (Lidar and ToF)

Use cases: Industries

Automatic braking of autonomous vehicles

Use Digital Twins to monitor the risks of interaction between people and autonomous vehicles, generating automatic safety actions to prevent accidents.

Onboard alert systems

KSI detects all people and forklifts moving through logistics warehouses, and provides on-board alert systems for drivers to warn of the presence of people. Through industrial communication protocols, audiovisual alerts can also be given in the field.

Detection of people in all spaces

Detects the movements of people throughout the establishment, alerts about people's access to unsafe areas. Takes automatic actions depending on the presence (or not) of people

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a plant next to a giant phone with data

Prevention of accidents on production lines

Applies image analysis to verify that production lines and industrial processes occur normally. Detect anomalies preventively and take action before it's too late.

Real-time three-dimensional mapping

With KSI you can map large 3D areas in real time with Lidar technology. Currently, KSI carries out level measurements distributed in warehouses and silos of thousands of square meters, allowing us to know the heights, levels and volumes in real time. 

Everything on one platform

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Real time events:

  • Receive alerts in real time via instant messaging and email

  • Set communication preferences for each user.

  • Enable task quests dependent on events happening in your Industry



  • Generates dashboards that can be programmed to be sent by email, and that are always available on the web platform

  • Schedule different reports and summaries


Integration by API and SDK:

  • Integrates the information generated through APIs and SDK with other management systems.

  • Integration with other third party systems: for example work order managers, messaging, etc.

  • Integration to the control systems and SCADA of the industries

They already trust us:

Shall we start?

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You are one step away from transform your spaces into intelligent digital twins.


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