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Video analytics system for large-scale retail

Use your stores' cameras to understand what is happening in real time to optimize operations and sales

How does it work?

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Connect any video camera

You can use any type of camera you have in your physical spaces. You can install new cameras or reuse existing CCTV security cameras. 

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Create a digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual copy of everything that happens in your stores in real time. It is created from AI video analytics, and generates valuable data to make decisions and increase store efficiency.

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Integrate a virtual manager

A virtual manager is an AI agent connected to your stores' data, who can chat with you and your staff, and coordinate operational tasks in real time.

The Digital Twin: Analytics plug & play in scale

Digital twins allow you to generate at scaleplug & high value play for stores, where you will see the information clearly, and you will be able to measure the ROI of your decisions:

Beam compete to your chain of stores

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The customer experience of your stores

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The Virtual Manager: A Business Intelligence Platform

The virtual manager is a platform with a set of tools that are integrated into your business processes and allows you to make decisions and automate operations. 

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Data analysis software for retail

Discover the best tools for consumer behavior analysis. Make decisions based on data

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Automation of operations

Schedule task flows based on the events that happen in your stores

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Integration with your point of sale (POS) data

Improve your sales acquisition and conversion ratios, the profitability and efficiency of your business.

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Automatic analytics using LLMs technology

Connect your store data with LLM agents who will analyze your data and obtain conclusions and reports through natural language chatbots.

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Prepare your strategies with physical store management software

Identify best and worst practices in different locations, make your stores compete against each other, create incentive plans and find the perfect store.

What will you get with KSI?


Your continuous improvement plan: 

Did you know that half of the stores in a chain usually sell 10% less than their potential? 

With KSI you will be able to identify them instantly, and automate the recovery of sales potential.


The way to win-win with your customers:

Did you know that approximately 1,000 customers a month abandon their purchases in small stores?


And that in large stores the net losses can reach 500,000 euros per month due to abandonment caused by waiting times?


With KSI you will be able to identify those situations, and generate automatic actions in real time to recover a large amount of sales and at the same time keep your customers happy.

a queue of customers. Some of them are abandoning the queue


The strategic plan for your large-scale spaces:

With KSI's automated analytics you will understand exactly how your spaces are used by your customers, and what are the changes that can improve your stores, throughout your chain, in real time.


Your virtual manager:

The virtual manager is a platform with a set of tools that integrate into your business processes and allows you to automate operational tasks

With the virtual manager you can chat on WhatsApp and Teams with natural language about the performance of your spaces, you can show him events to react in real time, and coordinate actions with your staff, being an executive agent who is attentive to everything that happens in all your stores.

an ipad with KSI system open in the mission creator tool to manage operating tasks
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KSI analyzes everything that happens in the branch, at all times


KSI's artificial intelligence has the ability to identify and follow each person between the different cameras of the branch , which allows complex behavior analysis, impossible to achieve for other products that normally use independent sensors.  

Ask us for our list prices, or ask us for a custom quote, we are here to serve you!

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Shall we start?

With KSI you can have information from your physical stores as if it were e-commerce.


Do you want to see KSI in action?

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