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Discover the customer journey in your physical spaces

Full pack: Transform your cameras with AI to understand the path of your visitors in your spaces, and obtain heat maps with the areas that generate the most traffic and interest.

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Measure the customer journey 

Identify the typical routes that your visitors take in your physical spaces


Optimally distribute your products or services

Discover which are the hot areas and cold areas of your commercial spaces and distribute your offer accordingly


Detect the commercial value of your spaces

Monitor the traffic and interest that your spaces have and value your locations

Discover the journey of your customers. Benefits


Improve the customer experience in your physical spaces: Identify parts of the process that can be improved, understand where and why you lose or gain customers, and discover new areas of opportunity.

Improved management of your business based on objective data: use the behavior of customers and visitors in your physical spaces to make decisions objectively and put aside subjective discussions.


Increase customer loyalty and sales: By improving their experience, you will increase the engagement of your visitors towards your products and/or services.

Improve your marketing actions: You will be able to direct your campaigns in a segmented and personalized way thanks to the knowledge of the behavior of your customers.

Heatmaps and customer journey in your physical spaces

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Heat maps

Use heatmaps to see where visitor traffic is concentrated in your physical spaces. The heat maps show you with colors the most and least visited areas, and also those that generate the most interest, so that you can improve the design and layout of your products and/or services.

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Demographic analysis of your visits

Study the characteristics of your customers, age (adults or children) and gender. Demographic analysis helps you segment your target audience and their hours, personalize your services, and communicate with your visitors more effectively.

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Customer Journey

Use the customer journey to understand the complete process that a customer goes through within your physical spaces. The customer journey helps you understand the needs, expectations and behaviors of your visitors, and improve their satisfaction and loyalty.

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Stay time

Measure the average time that your customers spend in your commercial space or in a specific area. Stay times are indicators of your customers' interest and commitment to your products and/or services. 

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Study of commercial areas

Collect data on the traffic, flow and density of your customers in different areas of your commercial spaces. This data helps you assess the target audience potential of each area for marketing and customer acquisition.

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Point-to-point reidentification

Identify how long it takes people to go from a specific point to another point located in different locations. End-to-end re-identification will allow you to measure and improve specific stages of the passenger experience and customer behavior.

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KSI was awarded by endeavor among the top 3 startups in the country in terms of impact and scalability

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KSI was awarded in the international innovation companies program in technology and AI

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