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How a Mall group improved sales by 35% of its members

Discover how a shopping center that only used cameras for security reasons was able to take advantage of them to automate commercial efficiency suggestions to increase sales for its tenants. 

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How did the process begin?

The client was looking to track the flow of people through different hallways and areas, but their existing technology did not allow for this task.


Thanks to KSI's ability to identify each individual, you could obtain precise information about their access points, route, time spent in place and specific areas visited, customer acquisition and sales conversion of all stores.


This objective information gave him valuable data to present to his tenants.

"We had an excellent security camera system and KSI allowed us to expand its usefulness to other purposes.


On an individualized and anonymous basis, we were able to identify key information for our business partners" 

P.L. company technology manager

What was done?

All store efficiency information was collected, and then:   

  1. Automatic suggestions and reports were configured for each tenant with opportunities to increase their efficiency  

  2. An analysis platform was made available to all tenants where they can evaluate their campaigns 

  3. The trajectories and customer journey of visitors to the shopping center were identified. to understand the demand for services

"Initially, we were focused on quantifying the flow of customers in the aisles due to complaints from some business partners. We lacked solid data to show them that there was movement, but that their stores were not converting at the same level as others.   


We then incorporated store visitor counts and sales into the flow analysis, allowing us to measure attraction and conversion rates. By benchmarking and categorizing stores, we were able to provide them with specific automated suggestions to increase their stores' ability to sell or attract customers.

P.L. company technology manager

What results were obtained?

The main result was the massive use of information.


It was possible to send automated suggestions to 100% of the tenants proactively, while 35% of them enter the platform on a weekly basis to analyze their commercial efficiency indicators.

Of this last group, an increase in sales conversion between 5% and 10% was evident since the implementation of the tool.

"By obtaining so much information from our shopping centers, we realized that it was impossible for our team to analyze it, we simply did not have the time.

But with KSI we were able to "delegate" this information analysis to our partners, so that a massive, data-based optimization process was implemented.

P.L. company technology manager

Summary and ROI

+5-10% in sales in 35% of stores

Of the tenants who use the platform compared to those who do not

35% active users

35% of stores use the platform weekly

Necessary investment 30x lower

Comparing to a traditional counting sensor approach (and not taking into account that much fewer indicators would be obtained)

Packs used:


Standard Pack:
Capture and conversion

People counting and capacity

Outside traffic

Sales conversion


Dwell time

Visits by plant and areas

Customer acquisition


Plus Pack:
Customer experience

Bounce rate

Waiting queues

Real time alerts

Quality of care

Purchase abandonment

Customer churn


Full Pack:
Customer Journey

Heat maps

Customer journey


Traffic and interest by area

Stay times

Conversion by zones

Used by leading organizations:


The voice of our clients:


Marcelo Lombardi
General Manager - Shopping Tres Cruces

"With the contribution of KSI analytics, we help merchants efficiently manage the point of sale. This allows them to have valuable information to identify opportunities for improvement in real time and thus maximize their sales."
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