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Explore KSI VISION development tools

Welcome to the KSI VISION development guide.

This guide is intended for those interested in developing applications that take advantage of the resources provided by the KSI infrastructure.

What can be found in this guide?

This is a summary of what is included:

General details

The KSI infrastructure provides two tools with which the development of applications and data collection is possible.

  • Development REST APIs, communicating directly through HTTP requests.

This allows:

  • Get real-time analytics generated by KSI.

  • Obtain all KSI configuration necessary for development (non-sensitive data from Locations, Bots and Cameras).

  • Entry of detections by systems external to the KSI platform.

Another resources

In case of being your first time entering the KSI platform, it is recommended to make a previous reading on the general operation.


KSI VISION Support: Contact for any questions, bug reporting and possible improvements


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