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Authentication to access KSI VISION development tools

Autenticación de API

How do I access the development tools?

To start using the development tools it is necessary to have a Personal Access Token.

This Token facilitates access to development resources related to an account on the KSI VISION platform, being necessary to have the necessary permissions to generate and obtain said Token.

What is a Personal Access Token?

In general terms, a Personal Access Token is the authorization credential. For the Authentication to access KSI VISION development tools (APIs), the token provides permissions to access controlled resources.

The Personal Access Token has the same permissions that limit what an account can do in the application. For example: granting an account permissions to access the information in "Store 1", but not granting it permissions for "Store 2". By default, the token related to this account already has those same limitations.

How to obtain the Personal Access Token? Authentication to access KSI VISION development tools

  1. Go to your KSI system host (For example in Europe or in America)

  2. Login with your KSI VISION account

  3. Go to My Profile in settings (located on the right in the navigation bar)

  4. Press New API Token and your Personal Access Token will be generated

Points to consider:

  • The Personal Access Token can only be viewed at the time of creation, so if it gets lost it is necessary to generate one again.

  • You should think of the token as an access password

  • It must be stored safely

  • It should not be shared with anyone outside of your organization

  • It should not be put in code or in a URL where someone else can find it


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