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Ramón and Gonzalo, members of KSI Vision.

In the dynamic landscape of business technology, KSI Vision emerges, a startup that has transformed the way companies manage large spaces open to the public. Specializing in creating digital twins of physical locations through the use of artificial intelligence, KSI offers innovative solutions for chain stores, shopping malls, and passenger terminals, among others. At KSI we find the founders Gonzalo Carozo (COO) and Rodrigo Duarte (CTO); and Ramón Nevado, Director of KSI Spain. In this interview, we will explore KSI's value proposition, its motivation behind the project, recent news and its strategic choice to establish itself in Madrid.

What is KSI and what is its value proposition?

KSI stands out as a pioneer in creating digital twins of public spaces, using artificial intelligence to provide virtual copies in real time. The key to its value proposition lies in the collection of data completely anonymously and respecting people's privacy. In a world that is constantly evolving, the digitalization of spaces becomes essential, and the demand for solutions of this type is projected to continue growing in the coming years.

What motivated KSI to develop this project and what is its purpose?

The motivation behind KSI is fueled by a belief in the positive impact that technology can have on the management of public spaces and people's interactions with them. The company's purpose is to provide organizations with the information necessary to make informed decisions and improve their customers' experience, all while ensuring respect for people's privacy. KSI seeks to contribute to the safety, efficiency and comfort of public spaces.

Recent news or upcoming events

As for recent developments, KSI is working on implementing new features on its platform, further improving real-time data collection and analysis. Additionally, the company is exploring opportunities to expand internationally, embracing an exciting challenge that promises to take its innovative solutions to new horizons.

Recently, they have marked a milestone thanks to their collaboration with Inditex and Mango. Thanks to its software, the startup manages to optimize sales by using security cameras to detect aspects to improve in store operations and thus achieve better commercial performance.

Why did you choose Madrid as the city to develop the startup? What does the iLAB and its innovation ecosystem provide you?

The strategic choice of Madrid as KSI's headquarters is based on its vibrant business and innovation ecosystem. The city offers a strategic location in Europe, a highly qualified workforce and an environment conducive to the growth of technology companies. The iLAB has been instrumental for KSI, providing access to valuable resources, mentors, and the opportunity to collaborate with other startups. In Gonzalo's words: "We confidently hope that iLAB's support will accelerate our growth and allow us to achieve our business objectives more effectively."

In summary, we can present KSI as a driving force in the revolution of public space management, combining technological innovation with an unwavering commitment to privacy and continuous improvement. Looking to the future, KSI promises to continue transforming the way we experience and manage public spaces globally. Welcome!🚀

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